Dr. Asma Herbals


Dardorest-40 Spray

In ancient India, pain relieving herbal oils were widely used by Rishis and Munis. Now first time in India, Dr. ASMA HERBALS has developed & prepared a new medicine which is scientifically proven & standardized pain-relieving herbal formula under the name of Dardorest -40 Instant Pain-Relieving Herbal Spray.

Dardorest -40 Instant Pain-Relieving Herbal Spray is an excellent pain relieving and soothing agent & innumerable people have got immense benefit & relief from their pain & suffering by local application of this spray.

INDICATIONS : Backache, Sprains, Muscular Pain, Body Pain.

Method of Application : Spray the contents from 5cm distance upon the affected part twice a day. Cover sprayed area with a cloth for better results or if necessary, massage the affected part gently.