Dr. Asma Herbals


Health Care Capsules

Health Care Capsules we offer is ideal to be used by people of all age group. The Health Care Capsules is formulated with carefully chosen natural & rare herbs. The Health Care Capsules we bring to you is pure and natural and economically priced.

Why Our Health Care Capsules?

  • Instant action
  • No side-effects
  • Mixture of natural herbs
  • Hygienically prepared

Use For

  • Reducing physical & mental exertion
  • Low B.P. patients
  • Anemic patients for male / female
  • Curing constipation / gastric problem
  • Lowering heart burn & indigestion
  • Increasing appetite to gain weight / height
  • Glowing, shiny& attractive skin
  • Eliminating dark circles below the eyes
  • Sharpening the memory