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Pygo-9 Capsules

SYMPTOMS OF PILES : A common symptoms are irritation or pain at passing stool, bleeding, feeling of sourness, painful swelling around the rectal region.


  • Chronic Constipation      
  • Taking spicy food or low fiber diet.
  • Doing Hard Work      
  • Prolong period of sitting or standing
  • During pregnancy and after delivery
  • Mental tension and hereditary.  
  • Bowl disorders

WHAT IS PYGO-9 : Pygo-9 contains Judiciously chosen medicinal herbs, extracts and purified bhasms like retha, kachur, shudh resont, moch rasa, neem seeds, shudh guggal, shudh sankha, shudh sphatika, triphala.

PYGO-9 contains 100% Natural ingredients processed under strict quality standards to ensure purity & efficacy.

PYGO-9 is a very efficacious product without any side effects.